Stories untold with Christilisa Gilmore

January 19, 2022 00:41:26
Stories untold with Christilisa Gilmore
Afros and Knives
Stories untold with Christilisa Gilmore

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Tiffani Rozier

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Christilisa is an Alabama girl who went to high school in Ohio and ended up in New Orleans for college and decided to stay. My first job was at Cici's Pizza in Massillon, Ohio where she began as and worked her way to prep. Once she made her way to New Orleans, she did what most students do when they are there, work at a bar.  She chose a spot on Bourbon Street, of course, because she wanted to be where the action was. She found a job at a daiquiri shop, where she guessed it, pizza (and calzones)! After a few years of working the nightlife, she moved into the world of tourism and worked for a tour and steamboat company in the French Quarter. The Steamboat is also a cruising restaurant, so she found herself working in proximity to food. This is where she learned about selling, storytelling, and crafting stories. Before jumping back into the business world, she tried her hand at writing. with an online publication, NolaDefender (now defunct), and started her journey as an unpaid journalist. She learned how to interview people, research, and write some compelling stories about music, food, and the culture of New Orleans. When she left the Steamboat, she found a job that changed everything. Starting as a sales assistant she learned about every aspect of the business.  She wrote and edited recipes, was the occasional sous chef for Iron Chef-style competitions and sold cooking classes and special events. The biggest lesson was how the right story will bring the right people and situations into your life. All of those jobs and skills have led her to this moment, helping people craft the best dang cookbook with the best stories and recipes anyone can write.

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