Farm to Grow with Dr. Gail Myers

March 10, 2022 01:15:11
Farm to Grow with Dr. Gail Myers
Afros and Knives
Farm to Grow with Dr. Gail Myers

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Tiffani Rozier

Show Notes

In this bonus episode of the Afros and Knives podcast, host Tiffani Rozier chats with cultural anthropologist and documentarian Dr. Gail Myers. They discuss the work Dr. Myers has done with her organization, Farm to Grow, as well as her documentary film Rhythms of the Land. This film project will spotlight an array of farmers, rice growers, hog ranchers, dairy ranchers, barefoot farmers, sharecroppers, basket-weavers, shrimp farmers, vegetable farmers, and gardeners, each sharing their memorable stories with us for the first time.

Dr. Gail Myers is a cultural anthropologist who earned the Doctorate in Anthropology from Ohio State University, the Masters in Applied Anthropology from Georgia State University, and the Bachelors in English from Florida State University. She is also the Co-founder of Farms to Grow, Inc, and has been advocating for African American farmers for more than 20 years.  Dr. Myers began researching African American farmers while at Ohio State University in 1997.  Her passion for Black farmers developed as a result of hearing stories of their loss and struggles without recognition for their contributions.  Myers is considered an expert in the anthropology of African American farming. In 1920, there were 920,000 black farmers in the United States, although many of those were sharecroppers and tenant farmers.  Today there are 42,000.  Dr. Myers' overarching goal is to preserve the stories and honor the legacy and the lives of African American farmers.

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