Culinary Futures with Chayil Hylane and Hasanah Sabree

March 10, 2022 01:07:22
Culinary Futures with Chayil Hylane and Hasanah Sabree
Afros and Knives
Culinary Futures with Chayil Hylane and Hasanah Sabree

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Tiffani Rozier

Show Notes

This episode is a chat with recent Food and Finance High School Alums and Co-Creative Directors of Pass the Spatula Magazine Volume 1--Chayil Hyland and Hasanah Sabree.

Hasanah is a brilliant young chef that will be attending a post-secondary Culinary school in September. She is equally passionate about fashion as she is about cooking and loves to express herself through social media, preferably Instagram and YouTube. Chayil is an equally brilliant young leader, a lover of all things green tea, and passionate about food and hospitality. 

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